Chances are, you have been to at least one of these towns, but they're so tiny, you may have blinked, and passed through without even knowing it. Here are 3 "happening" New York towns with population's less than 1000. 

When you hear the words : "small town,"  what's the first thing that comes to mind? Walnut Grove from Little House on the Prairie? Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show? Dillon, Texas from Friday Night Lights? Regardless of your choice, tiny towns are sometimes home to significant happenings.

1. Sylvan Beach

Years ago, Sylvan beach was one of Central New York’s premiere destinations for entertainment, nightlife, and family entertainment. Past tense,  it was not very pretty; the beach was dirty and every building and attraction looked weary and worn. But...Sylvan Beach has come a long ways over the years. They've cleaned up their sand, and renovated their look too.

Matt Hubbell

According to, Sylvan beach is a happening place:

On the shores of Oneida Lake you'll find this super tiny area packed with tons of adventure and fun! With a population of 893 residents and an amusement park, you'll enjoy yourself at Sylvan Beach.


2. Speculator

Speculator's motto is: "All Season Vacationland," and take it from us, there's something happening there year round; from snowmobiling in the winter, to hiking and fishing in the spring, summer, and fall. At last count, Speculator's population was 321.

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Speculator is home to a unique department store that features everything from sporting goods to hardware. They even sell food, and serve up some of the freshest fish you can find in all of the Adirondacks.

3. Inlet

This small Adirondack town has a population of just 333, but don't let the size fool you; this little place is host to a plethora of fun events year round: From the iconic Fire and Ice Festival, to the Black Fly Challenge, to their renowned Christmas on Mainstreet extravaganza, Inlet has tons of fun to offer.

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For a listing of all the event happenings in little Inlet, Click HERE.


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