In the fine tradition of garage, yard and estate sales around America, the Craigslist website features the highly collectable, the mudane and the awesomely bizarre. Here are 5 must-have items we found on the Utica-Rome-Oneida Craigslist page.

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    Motion Activated Mummy

    Easily the eeriest item on Craigslist at the moment, this mummy located in Ilion would be perfect for next Halloween, or anytime the inlaws come over. It can be yours for $50.

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    California Raisins

    Remember the California Raisins? Mid-80s claymation superstars! Keep their memory alive with these Raisin action figures.

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    Near as I can figure, it's a rock. A plain, ordinary rock. But if this rock strikes you in just the right way, maybe it'll be worth the $85 dollars the Boonville resident is asking.

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    Genny Lite Beer Can Fridge

    Genny Light, made in Rochester, is a favorite beer of Upstate New Yorkers. This fun promotional item is a fridge in the rounded shape of a beer can with the pop topped.

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    5 Foot Pink Panther

    A Pink Panther to tower over children and maybe even you. This 5 foot feline was made in the 60s and now lives in Oneida. Couldn't you win one of these on the midway in Sylvan Beach back in the day?