This is Thylane Loubry Blondeau, and she's a 10 yr old fashion model who recently posed for French Vogue. Her poses and sultry gaze bring to mind the mature and seductive culture of high fashion and haute couture.








We know that children are being sexualized much earlier these days than they used to and many think there is nothing wrong with Thylane's early start in the business. But with so many incidences of child pornography and child sex slaves, her situation has raised a maelstrom of criticism from people saying her photos are more "high-risk" and than "High Fashion". Without a doubt, the young girls who view her shots will be aware of the industry's standards of beauty being based on appearance and material possessions.

Do you think Thylane's parents are allowing her to grow up too fast? Will we one day see fashion models as young as 5? Where would it stop?