Most people go the traditional route and save their children the trouble and/or embarrassment of having to explain and spell their names out their whole lives. But we know some parents want to be different and that's okay too. Just for kicks, here's a list from of REAL names parents gave their children:

1. An Egyptian Dad named his daughter "Facebook"... In his defense, I suppose it doesn't sound as ridiculous with a middle eastern accent. Plus, consider the revolutionary effect Facebook has had on his country in the past few months. Read more

2. A Dad named his kid after the sports network, ESPN. How are you even supposed to pronounce that? Read more

3. Okay, maybe we should stop letting Dad have all the say on Baby's name. Well... remember the girl from "A Knight's Tale"? She named her kid Audio Science.

4. SUPERMAN! Yes, a couple in New Zealand tried to name their baby after the iconic comic book character but the officials shut them down. If only they were famous!

5. What's better than one oddly named child than TWO! Magician, Penn named his first-born son Zulten. Interesting! But it just got weird after him. They named the next one Moxie CrimeFighter.

Click here for even more weird names parents have given their kids.

What's the weirdest name you've ever found out was real? Was it someone you know? Maybe you can give me some ideas for what to name my son (coming in May!) My husband and I love the show Psych... Maybe we should name him that?