Here's a different twist on that romantic Valentine's Day dinner this year.  A Brooklyn  restaurant is offering a Beyoncé themed dinner for Valentine's Day.

The Brooklyn restaurant Brucie will feature the Valentine's Day Beyoncé themed dinner.  Owner and chef Zahra Tangorra admits to People magazine that while she normally  doesn't care about celebrities,  Beyoncé is different.

I'm not a person who even cares about celebrities but Beyoncé is just wonderfully radiant and someone that gets people excited-it's so interesting when you find a public figure who is so much more than their last movie or CD.

The a la carte Beyoncé themed menu includes dishes such as "I Am Pasta Fierce," "Jay-ziti" and "Breastiny's Child."  And yes, Brucie will be playing Jay-Z and Beyoncé songs all night to accompany the Beyoncé themed dinner.