In the latest article in our CNY Paranormal series, the NY Shadowcasers look at hauntings focused on a certain object, particularly an antique:

In researching the paranormal or history it is almost a common occurrence to find people who believe a site is haunted whether it is a field, graveyard, home or other structure. A unique aspect of paranormal research is that we may never know all of the ‘rules’ for paranormal phenomena this is why it is actually possible to have hauntings associated with objects.

Everyone loves antiques but in most cases you don’t think of who might still be attached to that object before you bring it home.

There are countless reports of homes and buildings with no reports of hauntings spontaneously having ghostly activity after a ‘trigger object’ is brought onto the premises. The actual question is whether or not it is triggering a haunting or simply bringing one with it.

On a number of occasions certain objects ranging from Paleolithic arrowheads to 100 year-old Bibles have given off unusual readings during investigations of museums. In a recent investigation of the Collinwood Inn in Oneida the proprietor was a former antiques dealer and actually had activity centered on a number of these antiques. The most curious was an old clock in one of the rooms. As the clock would wind down they would see the apparition of a man near the clock and once the clock actually stopped this apparition would stand in front of the clock and stare at it appearing more and more frequently until the clock was wound again.

Haunted objects or cursed objects, while researching the history of a site can provide insight into why it might be haunted, objects can be much more difficult especially when you have no provenance for the item.

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