Golden Corral fired the manager in Port Orange, Florida who left raw food out by the dumpster in that viral video. If you haven't seen it, an employee posted two videos showing raw ribs and burger patties on racks in the dumpster area.

In the first video, the kid says the food's out there because an inspection is taking place.  And in the second one, he says it'll be put back in the freezer after the inspection.

But according to Golden Corral, none of the food was actually served, it was all thrown out within the hour, and the kid who posted the video HELPED throw it out. Also, his dad posted an offer online the next day trying to SELL the video for $5,000.  Either way, Golden Corral obviously wasn't happy about the attention and the owner of the Florida store posted a message on Facebook.

Golden Corral/Facebook

What do you think?  Is the food storage at Golden Corral suspicious or is this just a kid and his dad trying to make money?

Wendy's Employee Eats Ice Cream Directly From the Frosty Machine

So are publicizing gross acts by fast food employees a thing now? Recently a Taco Bell employee went viral on the internet when he was seen licking a stack of taco shells. This photo surfaced on Reddit today showing an employee at Wendy's eating directly from the nozzle of a Frosty machine.