The holiday season is upon us. Get the whole family into the Christmas spirit with the Adirondack Scenic Railroad's "Polar Express" trip.

This is a wonderful Christmas adventure that your family will be talking about for years to come. It may even become a new family tradition for you. You'll board the train at Union Station in Utica and enjoy a ride to Holland Patent. During the ride, Adirondack Scenic Railroad says you'll have hot cocoa and cookies. You'll also hear a reading of the classic "Polar Express" story.

When your family arrives in Holland Patent, Santa Claus will board the train with gifts. Each child will get a gift and everyone will get a chance to spend time visiting with Santa personally. The whole trip takes about two hours.

The Adirondack Scenic Railroad invites everyone to join in on the holiday fun. And don't forget to wear your pajamas!

Tickets are still available for certain trips on the Polar Express (unfortunately, a handful of dates and times have already been sold out). The next available ride is Friday, November 17th at 4:30pm and 7pm. Other upcoming dates include:

Saturday: November 18th at 7pm
Sunday: November 19th at 4:30pm
Sunday: November 19th at 7pm
Sunday: November 26th at 7pm
Friday: December 1st at 7pm
Sunday: December 3rd at 7pm
Thursday: December 7th at 4:30pm
Thursday: December 7th at 7pm

There are a few more dates available later in December, but they're selling out fast. You can see the full ride schedule and get pricing information by visiting the Polar Express Page at

Make the holidays more magical this year for your family. Give them a Christmas experience they won't soon forget. Take a ride on the Polar Express.




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