So what is a tortoiseshell cat? These cats have coats with patches of red, brown or black, chocolate, cream, or cinnamon. Perhaps that's why she's named Cinnabun. The size of the patches can vary from a fine speckled pattern to large areas of color. I can't believe how much Cinnabun looks like our cat Snickers. Their colors will blend into any household decor.
Cinnabun is a big, beautiful, 3-4 year old, spayed female cat. She is sweet and laid back and she gets along with other cats. Cinnabun is a gentle kitty who loves to be petted and brushed. She arrived at the Rome shelter as a stray at the beginning of May. Cinnabun can't wait to finally find her forever family! Come meet Cinnabun today! You can find out more about the pets available when you Email the Rome Humane Society of Oneida County. Or visit them at 6247 Lamphear Road.

Call to find out about Cinnabun at the Rome Humane Society, 336-7070.