While strolling through the boarding room full of dogs at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society last week only one dog wasn't barking it's head off at me. I say that affectionately. If they could talk, they'd be yelling, take me home with you! The quiet dog was Beagsly who is still looking for his forever home. Beagsly actually was adopted in 2009 but after a couple of years the family realized that they just couldn't afford him any longer so back to the shelter he went.
Beagsly is a five year old Beagle mix and is neutered and up to date on all his shots. He's tri-colored and very affectionate. He gets along with other dogs and loves kids. He loved it when I petted him and will love your affection as well. Did you know that over 2500 pets come the Stevens-Swan Humane Society each year? Hope you can help.

You can find out more about Beagsly and the other pets available when you Email the Stevens-Swan Humane Society of Oneida County. Or visit them at 5664 Horatio Street in North Utica near BJ’s, Wal Mart and Lowes.