State Fairs, are of course, known for junk food - everything is fried and on a stick, or served with a doughnut as a bun.  Can you find anything healthy to eat at the state fair?  Surprisingly, yes - and they're some of the most economical choices at the fair as well.

Baked Potato

The Great Potato Booth, located in the rear of the Horticulture Building, bakes tens of thousands of New York State potatoes during the fair each year.  Each potato costs a dollar (and even though I didn't live in New York then, I've certainly heard the stories of when the potatoes were free).   At a buck, the potato is one of the best deals at the fair.  To stay on the healthy side - go easy on the butter, sour cream and cheese that come on the side.  Remember to eat the potato skin as well - they're crispy and full of nutriants.

Rainbow Milk Bar

A glass of ice cold milk for a quarter?  It's another great deal and healthy option at the fair.  Located in the Dairy Products Building catercorner from the Butter Sculpture, the Rainbow Milk Bar serves white and chocolate varieties.

Turkey Gianelli Sausage

Many fair goers see a Gianelli sausage meal at the epitome of fair food. How could a sausage sandwich actually be healthy?  Well it can't - but if you choose the hot turkey link as I did, you'll save some of the fat that comes with the pork variety.