This guy 'takes the cake' and gets arrested for it. The frosting flew and so did Robert Eric Fredrickson after being tossed to the ground for biting off more than he can chew at the Cowlitz County Hall of Justice. It all started when a woman brought her 9-year-old daughter's birthday cake into the courthouse so the dog wouldn't eat it and the rest is a frosting felony. (Okay I'll stop).

KATU TV has the full story:

Another deputy grabbed Fredrickson's cake-covered hand and he resisted. The table went down, the cake went flying and it turned into a story these deputies will be sweet on for at least the rest of the week.

The man who helped himself to the cake was arrested on charges of third-degree theft and resisting arrest.

And how about the local Safeway store who when they heard about the cakes destruction, replaced it at no cost. That's so sweet, (I couldn't resist).

And speaking of diving cakes...