One of last fall's breakaway TV hits was 'American Horror Story.'  The series returns to FX on October 17 with a new setting and characters.  Ready to enter the Asylum?
AHS fans were wondering how the show would continue when it was revealed (SPOILER ALERT) that the family that was the focus of the first season was all dead.

The producers of the show revealed last fall that the show would return with some of the same actors but with completly different roles and setting.

Last season's Southern California death house has been replaced with an insane asylum in western Massachusetts.

Some of the previous actors have returned, especially the scene-stealing Jessica Lange.
New cast members this year include Chloë Sevigny and Maroon 5's Adam Levine, who says he's so scarred of the show's premise, he won't even be able to watch.

Entertainment Weekly ran an outstanding Season 2 preview recently that revaled much more about the asylum, the inmates, their caretakers as well as mutations in the woods and aliens.

Sounds like we're in for quite a ride!