What happens if you're an honored, disabled American veteran and you're working hard, making an honest living as a school custodian and you see time after time, an American flag crumpled and discarded in the boiler room of the school you clean.  That's the scenario that faced South Dakota native, Cesar Zakahi.

Zakahi posted a short video of the flag to his Facebook page.

Cesar Zakahi then claims he was fired by the school district where he works.  Our sister station, KIKN in Sioux Falls picks up the story:

The short video, above, was posted on Cesar’s Facebook page along with this quote:

“I was fired from this job for telling friends on Facebook about a coworker throwing our flags the US, and southdakota flags in a heap like rags.”

Flags are suppose to be folded and neatly stored when not flying proud. The video shows the American flag along with the South Dakota flag crumpled up in the schools boiler room.

Superintendent Don Hotalling has confirmed with the Argus Leader that Zakahi is no longer employed with the school district and says the firing has nothing to do with the video.

“All I can say is, whoever arranged that flag in that condition should be ashamed of themselves. But I have no evidence that it was one of our current employees.”

Cesar Zakahi continued in a Facebook post:

 Hello I am Cesar zakahi i am the guy that got fired for posting the US flag being disrespected at my work, i was born and raised in South Dakota, i am a disabled vet, i in would do this again even though it cost my job to stop the disrespect of the flag.”

Zakahi has since hired a lawyer.

Was the action of the school district justified?  Was this about the flag video or is there more to the story?