I can't help but wonder If I'm a bad father for starting the 'smoking is really bad for you' lectures to my four year old son. He's only four, yet he is curious as he has seen people smoking. When the anti-smoking commercials play on TV, I let him watch. Am I too edgy? Are the commercials too scary for a young child?

One ad Dylan has seen is of a once beautiful woman putting on her wig and plugging in her voice box due to the damage tobacco has done to her body. Another is on Debi Austin who appeared in the iconic “Voice box” anti-smoking ad. According to her family, she has died following a 20-year battle with cancer. She was 62.

“They (tobacco industry) say nicotine isn’t addictive,” Austin said in the ad where she picks up a cigarette and inhales the smoke through an airhole in her neck. “How could they say that?”  Warning: Graphic