Remember back in school when you had to take those boring and pointless standardized tests? One student named Kyron Birdine from Texas decided to become a rebel and write only one answer on his test: YOLO. We have the Arlington High School test picture here, and the full scoop.

Birdine not only tweeted out the picture of the test, he tweeted it at the official twitter accounts for both the school district and the board of education. That takes courage right?


The Arlington Independent School District released the following statement about the tweet:

"Today there was an incident with a student tweeting a picture of an answer booklet for a STAAR field test. We have made an initial report of the incident to TEA and will continue to investigate further. The student has been punished in accordance with district disciplinary procedures."

Birdine received a four-day in-school suspension for a "breach of security." Only four days for standing up to the man? Not to bad right?