America's Got Talent, lots and lots of talent and one of the most talented came from Baldwinsville New York.  15 year old Julia Goodwin received a standing ovation for her amazing audition of 'New York State of Mind.' After you hear it, you'll be in a 'Julia Goodwin State of Mind.' It's hard to believe that voice comes out of someone so young. She sounds better than artists who've been in the business for years. Keep an eye on this teen who won't be going anywhere, anytime soon. Way to make Upstate New York proud Julia!

Julia Goodwin 'New York State of Mind'

David & Lehman

Magicians David & Lehman took center stage and made judge Howie Mandell illiterate. They squeezed Howie's head, making him unable to read. Card were shown to the audience that said 'Comedian,' 'Germaphone,' and 'Howie Mandell,' but when Howie tried to read them he couldn't. I have no idea who they did it but it was funny to watch Howie struggle with each card.

Magicians David & Lehman

The Willis Clan

The modern day version of the Partridge Family also moved through after singing 'My Favorite Things' from the Sound of Music.  The 12 siblings, aged 21 to 3 had the crowd on their feet. How their mother was still on her feet after having TWELVE children is beyond me. Not only do they have a talented family, mom looks GREAT. You'd never believe she had 12 kids.

The Willis Clan