Earlier we shared with you the beyond-disturbing story of a cat purposely and cruelly placed in a drying tube of concrete. Even though the cat, Thomas, was rescued he succumed to his injuries.

After being chipped from the cement, Thomas was rushed to the care of Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.  I had a chance to visit Best Friends in 2009 and saw first hand the care Best Friends gives to animals, so I was not surprised to learn of the intensive care they administered to Thomas.

Jessie from the sanctuary shared with me the heroic efforts they made to help Thomas:

Hi Eric. Thanks for your support. I can tell you as I have indicated to others following the story that the kitten was brought here to Best Friends Animal Society's clinic and many members of our staff worked valiantly to free him from the remaining concrete and try to save his life.

Unfortunately, the kitten we knew as Thomas succumbed to his massive injuries a few days later. We were all deeply saddened at seeing what he went through, and knowing that someone out there clearly has suffered so much in their own life to feel justified inflicting this kind of cruelty on another living being.

We were able to draw comfort from knowing that we were able to care for Thomas and show him that people can be kind and loving, and that we were able to end his pain when the time came to do so. -jessie