The top reality show in my book is Big Brother. I’ve watched every season, and I’m determined to be a cast member on this show. It’s going to happen America so be ready! This year’s new cast members have been released by CBS and we got the details!

Throughout the summer we will give you updates on the show, predictions, and answer some of your questions.

The house looks much different than in years past. You can check out those photos via Big Brothers Page on CBS.

Cast information has been released, and we have the run down.

1) Adam Poch from East Brunswick, N.J. His occupation: Music Inventory Manager

2) Cassi Colvin from Allen, Texas. Her occupation: Model

3) Dominic Briones from San Mateo, Calif. He's currently a College Student at San Francisco State

4) Kalia Booker from Philadelphia, Pa. She is a writer.

5) Keith Henderson from Bolingbrook, Ill. His occupation is Human Resources Manager

6) Lawon Exum from Urbana, Ill. His occupation is Legal File Clerk

7) Porsche Briggs from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. her occupation is VIP Cocktail Waitress

8 ) Shelly Moore from Centerville, Ohio. Her occupation is Outdoors Industry Executive

Now that’s the only public list, there is still two more slots left to fill. What Big Brother is doing is bringing back two from the past. YOU can vote who you’d like to see back here.

Check out the full interviews with other cast members here.

Who was your favorite cast member on Big Brother?