Utica once had a very vibrant music scene centered on recording studios in the Varick Street area. Recently some lost vinyl music from that era surfaced on YouTube.

Posted by a user called 'buriedinvinyl' and titled 'Obscure 60s Soul from Utica, NY,' the video depicts two sides of a single by the Tommy Johnson Trio.

Side A is 'I'm Going to Love You'

Side B is 'Yee Doggie'

The Tommy Johnson Trio consisted on Tommy Johnson on drums, Clarence Sims on organ and Jessie Cole on guitar. Vocalist on 'I'm Going to Love You' are Danny, Lonnie and John Bowens. Danny Bowens is the only credited vocalist on 'Yee Doggie.'


Singer Andrew Horn Releases New Song 'Utica (I Just Want to Be Known)'

Andrew Horn/Facebook It's a pretty typical story, family moves to Utica, family gets stuck in Utica, young man stuck in Utica writes song about his angst. That's the story of CNY native Andrew Horn on a song called 'Utica (I Just Want to Be Known)' from a new EP he's recently released.