Once inside, you can easily picture The Fonz, Richie Cunningham or Lavern with the big "L" on her sweater sitting in one of the booths.  Remsen's Soda Fountain is a great re-creation of a 1950's hot spot, and it's now open for the 2017 season.

Between the atmosphere, the '50's tunes, great food and friendly service, a visit is certainly worth the drive from anywhere here in Central New York.  This fun place to eat is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.  The Soda Fountain is up and running from now though the fall.


Steve and Lynn Boucher opened The Soda Fountain on Main Street in the spring of 2008.  Their goal was to have a hometown restaurant with a retro flair.  This unique eatery attracts the locals as well as patrons from miles and miles around.


Once you step back into time at The Soda Fountain, you'll probably want to share the experience with friends and family.  You might even want to grab a six-pack of ice cream sandwiches to go before heading back to the future.