Every child has a stuffed animal or security blanket (or both!) that goes everywhere they go.  Imagine losing one and finding it years later and several states away.  An off-hand search on eBay reunited a young boy with his Ah-ah.

The video, posted earlier this month on YouTube tells the story of the toy monkey, named Ah-ah, that was lost on a family camping trip to Colorado.  Inexplicably, years later, it showed up for sale on an eBay auction and was found by the boy's mom.  She wasn't searching for the monkey actively, but did the eBay search on a whim.  They bought the toy as it looked similar to the one lost.  When it arrived in the mail, the family was shocked to see some tell-tale marks that proved it was the long lost toy.

The look on the boy's face is priceless.  Something tells me he'll be having a Toy Story moment about 10 years from now.