It seems that kids are starting school younger and younger these days but just how young is too young?

While many aspire to be DJs, one woman has taken the next step and opened a school for babies and toddlers to become DJs. The "Baby DJ School" founded by DJ Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, opened in September in Brooklyn to surprising success. The school is described as:

" interactive music program for ages 3 months-36 months that has taken the world by storm...Through singing, dancing and interactive technology, little ones are introduced to handling records, mixing and matching beats and creating fun and funky samples using modern DJ equipment...."  - Baby DJ School

While founder Natalie believes that this will help the children develop better motor skills, language and reasoning, she originally got the idea when she was babysitting and the boy really took to it.

Even if the kids do not retain what they're taught, they really seem to enjoy the experience.