I am not going to make the same mistake this week as last and predict a winner for Sunday's game between the The Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who could of predicted such poor passing in easy scoring positions from Bills quarterback Jeff Tuel. For the most part he did okay, but most fans are hoping that with his return, E.J. Manuel will save the season. With many of the injured players ready to compete in Pittsburgh Sunday, we may finally get an idea of what this team is capable of.

The Buffalo Bills did have Kansas City flustered Sunday until they were just handed 14 points from turn-overs. The Bills did have a 21-17 lead over the Cleveland Browns and looked like they had that game until E.J. Manuel was injured. Well, that's in the past and  Bill's fans are expecting a turn around starting this Sunday in Pittsburgh. The remaining schedule is very kind to the Bills as they play beatable opponents like; Jacksonville, Atlanta, Tampa Bay and hopefully Miami again.

The (3-6) Buffalo Bills are visiting the (2-6) Pittsburgh Steelers for a 1pm kick-off on Sunday.

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