I do not enjoy speaking so pessimistically about The Buffalo Bills but they're play-off hopes were fumbled away last week with a very disappointing loss against Atlanta. Their remaining schedule includes; Jacksonville, Miami and The New England Patriots. I don't foresee them winning any of these games. Perhaps against the second string Patriots in the final week of action, but even that's doubtful.

You have to give credit to head couch Doug Marone for his optimistic tweet about their gloomy play-off hopes.


Now The Buffalo Bills have just signed 'Tight End' Tony Moeaki from the Kansas City Chiefs and he will get a four-week tryout in Buffalo. Can he show the team that he's healthy and can make a difference?

Most likely it's too little too late, but no doubt I'll still be watching the remaining games with my usual wings and beer near-by.

The (4-8) Buffalo Bills will visit the (3-9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 1pm kick-off on Sunday.

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