The Buffalo Bills beat the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday rather soundly and now, heading into Week 14, they must go into a miraculous four-game winning streak, along with a little help from their AFC enemies, for a shot at the playoffs. If they can get past the St. Louis Rams on Sunday in Orchard Park, it is possible. Fans are frustrated as they continue to long for an explosive offense. Fans wonder why C.J. Spiller and Freddie Jackson are not used more from a head coach who continues to trust an erratic quarterback to make the big plays.
The Rams have a defense that can win the game all by themselves. If the Bills offense struggles, we may watch a 7 to 6 Bills loss. I feel the Bills will do slightly better by squeaking by, 10 to 7. We'll be watching and my wife will be putting up with the noise and messy kitchen. Here's a great tribute to every NFL fan's girlfriend or wife.

So, who do you think will win? Find out what the experts predict.