These are the facts; between the second half last week against New England, and the debacle Sunday in San Francisco, The Buffalo Bills have allowed so many points to be scored on them, so many yards to be rushed against them, so many interceptions and not enough points scored that they have fallen to the 28th ranked team in the NFL. Okay, there are 32 teams so they're not last, but if they lose Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals...they could be.

The Buffalo Bills The Bills decided to cut back-up quarterback Vince Young this year and fans are still furious. Not because they want Fitzpatrick out but for a quality backup should Ryan go down. The coach said;

"We're just fine there, Don't go with an issue on that. That's not an issue."

In Buffalo's victories this year, Ryan Fitzpatrick has five touchdowns and no interceptions with a 112.1 passer rating. In three losses, he has seven touchdowns, eight interceptions and a 68.7 passer rating. We sure hope he gets back to those winning numbers or kiss the play-offs bye-bye.