If you're like the millions of addicts who have downloaded the Candy Crush Saga App or play on Facebook, then you're always on the look out for more Candy Crush. The game has released new levels and a new way to play called "Candy Crush Dreamworld."

Dreamworld uses a different color scheme and a subtly different music than the 'daytime' levels.

Odus the Owl and the Dream Scale

The new Dream Land board introduces a new Candy Crush character, Odus the Owl. The games have an added element of strategy to keep Odus balanced on his candy perch, the 'Dream Scale' which is balanced by two of the game's candy pieces. If you tip the Dream Scale too far to either side, it will tip and you will lose the level.

One caution for the Dream Scale is making many matches can cause the dream scale to tip too far to one side and make you lose the level. When matches start to cascade and you can't control what candies are getting matched, beware that you may unintentionally tip the scale too far.

Getting Moon Struck

Filling the dream scale activates a new power 'Moon Struck' that removes entire types of candies from the board. That means with fewer colors, you've got more opportunities to make special striped and wrapped candy as well as color bombs.

How to get Dreamworld

It appears that Candy Crush Saga is rolling out Dreamworld selectively to users.  You'll either see a pop up telling you that you've unlocked additional levels or the owl, Odun, will appear in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.  If you've got that you're in.

I'm playing via the Facebook app when I got Dreamworld. I asked some friends using the app and they don't appear to have Dreamworld yet.

So what do you think of Dreamworld? Comment below and tell us about the new Candy Crush Saga levels.
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