Being Kind Is More Important Than Being Right-Daily Delilah
Ever act really stubborn about something?  Do you ever find yourself so busy trying to prove you're right and they're wrong that it drives a wedge in your communication?   Delilah encourages you to remember that being kind is more important that always being right.
The Key To Success? Remembering Mom Knows Best-Daily Delilah
When kids are little, they think mom has all the answers.  When they're teenagers, they think mom doesn't have a clue.  When they're adults, they start to realize mom did know what she was talking about.  The key to success?  Remembering mom knows best.
November Is A Time To Be Thankful-Daily Delilah
November is a time to be thankful.  Now just on Thanksgiving, but right now.  Delilah wants to know, what are you thankful for?  This is one of the many things Delilah is thankful for.  Keep checking back all month long and see what else she's thankful for.

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