Taylor Swift Shares Her Beauty Tips with Allure
Taylor Swift‘s status as one of the music industry’s most fashion-forward young stars was reconfirmed last month, when she took home the Teen Choice Award for Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Female. So, it’s only natural that, in a recent interview with Allure, she was asked to share some of her secrets fo…
Women Buy 62 Pounds of Clothes Every Year
Most women love to shop.  They also love buying new clothes.  I definitely like to shop and buy new clothes  but even I was kind of shocked when I read that the average woman now buys about half her body weight each year in clothes.  That's some serious shopping.
What Age Should Women Stop Wearing Bikinis?
Winter is over and now that the weather is finally getting  nice, we're breaking out our summer clothes and bathing suits too.  Do you think there's a certain age when women should stop wearing bikinis?   How about miniskirts or high heels?
Gwen Stefani Is Vain
If Gwen Stefani could have vain be her middle name, she thinks it would be a perfect fit.    She opened up to "Elle Magazine" about being vain and why she refuses to use a makeup artist.
Lifetime 20 Percent Discount From Ecko Unlimited
Ecko Unlimited, a clothing store that has had Vanessa Hudgens and Lindsay Lohan in their advertisements has a bit of a crazy request. According to the Huffington Post, They will give a lifetime 20-percent discount to anyone who gets one of their logos (a rhino or shears) tattooed on their body.
Habits That Will Ruin Your Skin
Everyone wants to have beautiful skin, but many have habits that keep you from having it. Getting too much sun is the obvious skin killer but what else hurts your skin?
Want To Age Like A Supermodel?
Look at those women. Doesn't it make you sick? Well aging gracefully and gorgeously is not just for the wealthy. Here are some tips straight from the models themselves.
Bridal Gown Shopping Tips
Wedding season is almost upon us and with last-minute details getting worked out, you might want to make sure you have a dress! If you’re new to this style of dress shopping you may need some help.
Abercrombie And Fitch New Controversial Bikini
Swimsuit season is just around the corner and stores are stocking up on the hottest bikinis for summer 2011. Abercrombie and Fitch has a controversial bikini coming this summer with a padded bra that is aimed at 8-14 year olds. That’s right, padded bras for second graders!

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