Matt’s Childhood Costumes
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Tin Man
I’m not sure what possessed me to dress up in this clunky, concoction of corrugated cardboard and Reynolds Wrap.  He certainly wasn’t Dorothy’s favorite and I’ve never been a fan of America’s #4 hit from 1974 but he seemed like a logical choice considering I had an o…
No Costumes For Kids In Newington Connecticut Schools
You won't see ghosts and goblins roaming the halls of some Connecticut schools. Newington, Connecticut elementary schools cancelled their Halloween parties over 'concerns that they exclude children whose families don’t celebrate the holiday.' Instead the schools will h…
2014’s Trendy Halloween Costumes
Perhaps your little one is planning to dress up as the traditional witch, ghost, or super hero this Halloween. However if your son or daughter is hoping to become a Mohawk Valley trend setter, he or she may want to opt for one of these costume ideas:

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