10 Things You’ll Lose When You Commit
Guys always get blamed for this but women are at fault too! Are you dating a guy who's afraid to take your relationship to the next level because you they have a fear of commitment? They are under tons of pressure from you and others to tie the knot, but maybe the fear is justified.
Be Prepared for Snow Emergencies
So tonight we have lake effect snow warnings, and in the E.A.S alerts we played earlier today, they suggested some supplies you should keep handy in your car in case you get stuck. So here's a list of what F.E.M.A. suggests you have.
How Men Can Be Annoying
As a guy I’m allowed to say this, we have certain skills that make it seem effortless to irritate women. It’s just a fact. What do we do that drives you nuts?
New Reasons To Not Shovel Snow
Snow, snow, snow… We all HATE it! That’s all we have gotten the past few weeks here in Central New York. We have to shovel, and its just a pain! Trying to find a new excuse to not shovel? Well you will love this!
When Does Money Buy Happiness?
People always say that money doesn’t buy happiness. Well I’m sure if you won the Mega Millions last week you’d be pretty happy. What are some situations where money actually buys happiness?
New Health Risk With Convertibles
Nothing gets better then on a nice warm day driving with the top down. Who wouldn't want a convertible? Those reasons alone suck me in. But I guess driving with the top down can have its negative effects.
5 Stages Of Being Stood Up
There is nothing worse than getting stood up. It's one of the most hurtful and humiliating aspects of dating. came up with a list of the five stages you need to go through if you're stood up.
Crazy New Jobs Up For Grabs
Looking for work? Well in this crazy economy, there are still all sorts of crazy jobs out there. Here are a few of the strangest ads on CraigsList.
Tips For Online Dating
While doing some web surfing I found a story by Ami Angelowicz of talking about guys and online dating. I wanted to expand on what she found because honestly these rules can apply to any gender!
A New Disorder Your Cat May Suffer From
Who doesn’t worry about their pets every once in a while? Maybe throughout the day they pop into your head at work. If you think you may have a sick cat, your cat might just have anxiety issues.

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