Hannaford Helps Utica Area Schools
There's a simple way you could help your local school receive money for much needed supplies - shop for the things you already buy at Hannaford.
SUNY Sweethearts Grow Family in Tiny House
There aren't many college graduates that come out of dorm and apartment living and look forward to "downsizing". But this couple has done just that, and now they're growing their family.
Unique Rome Home On Market At Bargain Price
It has a theater, billiard room, gourmet kitchen, sun rooms and a 3 car garage.  This home sits on 10 acres of land not far from Delta Lake.  The original developer of the property, Fred Macchia, founder and president of 1st Rome Realty, tells us that the cost of constructio…
Should You Make a Brine Solution To De-Ice Your Driveway
Brine solution on the roadways has been around for many years, and is now the pre-treatment routine of choice in Central New York. Can you make your own brine solution for use at home? And more importantly, should you?
Why did all the local municipalities start using brine...
‘Must Things’ For Central New Yorkers To Do This Year
Here it is, 2017.  As we kick off the brand new year, there are some everyday, mundane things that are important, and recommended for us to do at least once this year.  Now might be a good time to include them on your planner for the year, as they can be easily overlooked.
Million Dollar Home In New Hartford
What do you get for the person who has EVERYTHING? If you happen to have an extra Million Dollars lying around, you could buy that person a dream home in New Hartford.

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