Million Dollar Home In New Hartford
What do you get for the person who has EVERYTHING? If you happen to have an extra Million Dollars lying around, you could buy that person a dream home in New Hartford.
5 Important Spring Cleaning Tips
This is the week when we will finally see an end to the winter-like weather here in Central New York.  Warmer days and less rain is what we've been promised.
Maybe the improvement will help motivate you to do that dreaded spring cleaning around the house...
Did You Know You Are Probably Doing Laundry All Wrong? [VIDEO]
On average people will spend about 2 years of their life doing laundry and odds are a good percentage of those people are doing it wrong, yes that includes you! So whether it's how you sort your clothes, remove stains, or how much detergent you use, there is an almost certain chance you need a …

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