Students Discover Haunted House Is Actually A Squatter [VIDEO]
While Ohio State students are no strangers to ghosts that haunt the campus, some students renting an off-campus house discovered there was more to their ghost than just moved objects.
The students would joke about the house being haunted when they would hear unexplained noises and find the microwave …
Haunted Fort Stanwix ~ CNY Paranormal
Nestled in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in Rome is an odd-looking building. Built entirely of wood, and surrounded by a wooden palisade fence, recessed into the ground and topped with nasty looking spikes, this building is a remnant of one of the most crucial times in American hist…
Haunted Historic Fort Ticonderoga ~ CNY Paranormal
In 1776, the Revolutionary War ravaged through upstate New York. Because of our proximity to Canada, which at the time was a British/French territory, Utica and the area surrounding it became the last defense of the soon to be United States.

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