Hotel Security Catches Ghostly Vandal [VIDEO]
This footage was reportedly recorded on August 21st, 2012 by Hotel Security that was investigating a disturbance in an empty room. Guests were complaining of static noises and screams coming from the room. As security called for the police, they found the room vandalized with furniture overturned, w…
Investigating The Thompson Park Vortex – CNY Paranormal
For paranormal investigators, flexibility is a critical personality trait. Many investigators go into the field expecting to only investigate reports of hauntings. They purchase equipment to help them track that activity, and do as much research as they feel necessary on ghosts...
Mysterious Pond Circles in NY – CNY Paranormal
A rather strange phenomena has started appearing here in New York. While many people have heard of 'Crop Circles' and by extension their association with Aliens and UFOs, there are new curious phenomena that have started appearing.

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