Thoughtography – CNY Paranormal
Often in these CNY Paranormal articles, we focus on ghosts, spirits, and the effect that they have on the world around us. When most people think of the paranormal, it is ghosts that immediately come to mind, however, the paranormal also encompasses the extra sensory abilities of the living as well.…
Ghost EVP Recordings from Utica [AUDIO]
Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP is one tool paranormal investigators use.  It's believed that the use of electronic recording devices can pick up incorporeal voices.  Want to hear some EVPs captured in the Utica area?
Is This Really a Photo of an Alien in the Woods in Texas?
Maybe we're just hypersensitive to this sort of thing, but it seems like UFO reports have been pouring in lately. After the possible appearance of UFOs in Google Street View and in the skies over San Francisco and Brooklyn, a man claims to have snapped a photographed of a "Grey&quo…
Mysterious Black Cloud ~ CNY Paranormal
Proving that the mysterious and strange really never take the time of year into account, another mystery phenomena has surfaced. On Thursday, January 3rd a peculiar occurrence was photographed off the coast of Old Town Beach in Southampton, NY...

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