Remsen Masonic Temple – CNY Paranormal
One of the stops on the Haunted Rails Ghost Train is going to be the Remsen Community Arts Center, a converted church on Main Street, in Remsen. This building has a long and varied history, and if you pay close attention while there, may be home to a spirit or two.
Stone Meeting House – CNY Paranormal
The Central New York region is known for the confluence of cultures which currently populate the region, and have helped our region develop its unique cultural views.
One of the cultures that helped form our area is the Welsh culture...
Have You Ever Heard Of The Ghost Ship The SS Ourang Medan?
Now we’ve all heard of ghost stories in Central New York dealing with the Oriskany Battlefield, and some of the haunted houses throughout the region. Have you ever heard of a ghost ship? Have you ever heard of the SS Ourang Medan? It’s a pretty creepy story if you ha…
Haunted Trains of Syracuse – CNY Paranormal
One of the most interesting paranormal accounts is that of the the phantom vehicle, in particular the ghost train. There are a number of variations of this account including a ghostly train and ghosts haunting a train. Phantom vehicles are so common that many insurance companies actually have a defi…

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