Has Women’s Bodybuilding Gotten Out Of Control?
Last weekend in Columbus, Ohio, the Arnold Sports Festival was held, which was founded by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bodybuilding in general has gotten very extreme. The muscles that these competitors are able to create through training and medication are out of this world. The women bod…
Greatest Achievements Over The Past 50 Years
As technology continues to change faster and faster, it's easy to forget how far we've come in a relatively short period of time. We put a man on the moon! No other country can say that. (We put 12 men on the moon). What are some other great achievements we have done over the past 50 years…
Hate The Image In The Mirrior?
Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? If so, a recent Glamour magazine survey says that you're in the minority. The magazine polled 300 women and found that an astonishing 97 percent had bad things to say about themselves.
Tech Thursday – The Legend of Zelda Turns 25
Do you remember the glory days of video gaming? The Nintendo Entertainment system, Coleco-vision,  The Atari 2600? All classics and bring a smile to many adults faces when they remember the hours spent playing their favorite games. One of those classic games is celebrating 25 years. So get …
Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Violence
Remember how parents would sue over violent video games saying “it made my kid violent”? I always laughed when I heard this, because I never agreed. I played violent games, but I know the difference between video games and reality. Now I got researchers on my side…
Facebook Friends Meltdown!
Sure, having a bunch of friends may boost your ego, but researchers in Scotland are saying the more Facebook friends you have, the more likely you are to be stressed out. The study also found it also creates a whole new bunch of anxiety.
Elmo & Sesame Street Live Take The Stanley Stage
I told you that there was a lot going on in Central New York this weekend.
Toby Keith at Turning Stone. The Floyd Fire Department celebrates 50 years of service to our community at the Radisson. The Chili cook-off in Ilion to benefit the Red Cross and Elmo takes the Stanley stage in Sesame Stree…
Tablets are Hot! Smartphones… ‘meh
When Apple unveiled the iPod it was a huge hit. Challengers to it never came close. When Apple brought out the iPhone, it was a huge success and made current phones on the market look like toys. Then the iPad came to be and many companies are playing catchup again. Can Google's Honeycomb OS…
Things You Learn By Dating Mr. Wrong
We all complain about spending so much time and energy on people that don't work out. Since there's already so much negativity floating around out there already, let's make it a point to look for the pros of dating the wrong person.

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