The Best Things To Buy At The Dollar Store
Get me in a dollar store and magically the money disappears from my wallet.  Even if I go in for one thing, I end up buying other things because they're only a dollar.  Have you done that too?  What are the best  things to buy at the dollar store?
Fun Year Round At The Fly Creek Cider Mill
Ever been to The Fly Creek Cider Mill outside of Cooperstown?  It had been a few years since I was there.  Over the weekend I spent some time at the Fly Creek Cider Mill and  had such fun.   There's so much to see and do while you're there, any time of the year.
Trudy Wants To Know-Have You Started Christmas Shopping Yet?
Remember earlier this summer when I told you I'd already spotted Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations for sale in stores like Hobby Lobby?  Little did I know that some people have actually started their Christmas shopping.   Have you started your Christmas shopping y…
The Best Things To Buy In July
Shop smart this month and you'll keep more money in your wallet, perhaps to use for a summer vacation.  What are the best things to buy in July?

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