Total Solar Eclipse 2017
A rare complete solar eclipse will occur across North America later this summer. This is when the moon, sun and earth line up. The moon's orbit angle usually prevents this from happening.
It’s A Lost 80’s Hit Wednesday – Luka
Today is the start of a new feature called "Lost 80's Hit" Wednesday. Every week we will spotlight an 80's song that did fairly well on the charts, but in the last couple decades seemed to have got "lost" or forgotten about.
Suspicious Phone Number Annoying Area Residents
Do you receive calls from phone numbers you don't recognize? Of course you do. Most people have. What do you do when that strange number appears on your caller ID?  You probably just ignore it and assume it's either a wrong number, a telemarketer or even a bill collector, right?
Beauty in the Bag Official Rules
Contest Name:             Beauty in the Bag
Contest Dates:            April 24th 2017 to May 12th 2017
Station(s):            &…

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