Lake Effect Snow Storm Could Bring Up to 2 Feet in Central New York
A Lake Effect Snow storm is bringing anywhere from 2 inches to 2 feet, depending on where you live in Central New York. The National Weather Service has issued a Snow Warning in Northern Oneida County until Saturday night and a snow advisory until Friday morning for Southern Oneida, Madison and…
Latest Snow Storm Warning Was Hit or Miss
Depending on where you live, the latest Snow Storm Warnings left you with one of two thoughts, "Another false alarm" or "when will this end?" The latest snow total map from the National Weather Service shows some areas got really pounded.
How Does It Look In Your Backyard?
We went from quite a bit of snow, to a January thaw with no snow in the yard. And then BOOM! Heavy, wet snow in the morning hours of January 24, 2017. And when you combine heavy, wet snow with kids on a snow day, you end up with lots of pictures of your backyard.
CNY Weekend Temps 20 Degrees Above Normal
We're just past the middle of January, and for Central New York, the normal high temperature is 30 degrees.  But on Saturday, we saw a 50 degrees in downtown Utica, and some other places in the area reached the low 50's.
On Sunday, Rome's forecasted high is 49 degrees...

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