How To Get Your Car Running On A Cold CNY Day
Based on the weather of the past couple of weeks, it looks like we are in for a long, cold winter.  If that is the case, there's a chance you'll step outside one day to a car that won't start.  Temperatures in the teens and lower can easily kill your battery...
It’s Still Fall…But Upstate NY Town Has 90 Inches Of Snow
Winter is still days away, but you wouldn't know that in many areas here in Upstate New York.  Several lake effect storms have dumped over 90 inches of snow in some places.
The town of Osceola in the Tug Hill area of Lewis County has received just under 91 inches so far this season...
Lake Effect Snow and Wind Chill Advisory for CNY
As if the snow isn't bad enough, we'll be dealing with bitterly cold temperatures and windy conditions that will blow that snow all over the road. The National Weather Service has issued a Lake Effect Snow Advisory and a Wind Chill Advisory until Friday.
‘Must Haves’ For Your Car In An Upstate New York Winter
Even if you don't take a lot of out of town trips during the winter, it is easy to accidently slide of a road or ramp in heavy snow.  People have actually died because they became stranded with no one nearby to help and they weren't prepared for the cold.

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