What Makes Leaves Change Color In Central New Yrok
There is so much beauty in Upstate New York, but one thing that sets us apart from other regions is the amazing fall foliage. Each year the trees go from green to shades of orange, yellow, and red. It's a sign that summer has officially ended, and colder weather is on the way. It's the &am…
What’s A Black Moon?
Each month we have a full moon and a new moon, but sometimes we have an exception to the rule. That exception this month is called the Black Moon.
The Word “Frost” Is In Upstate Weekend Forecast
It's the first weekend of fall, and not only has the summer season ended, the summer temperatures we have been enjoying are leaving as well.  To gardeners, that f-word, "frost" is in the forecast for the weekend.
According to the National Weather Service, Saturday night&ap…

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