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Base Jumping Daredevil Sets Jump Record On Mount Everest [VIDEO]
Russian daredevil Valery Rozov has set a new world record with a base jump 7,220 meters above sea level from Mount Everest. The 48-year-old has jumped off the north face of the mountain to record the world's highest ever base jump ever. 7220 meters is approximately a height of 23,688 feet above…
Unbelievable High School High Jumpers In Kenya [VIDEO]
If you think Kenya provides us with amazing Boilermaker Road Racers only, watch this. You're about to see unbelievable high jumpers from Kenya. Track and field events are where the best of the best can show off their stuff. In the town of Mosoriot in the Rift Valley of Kenya these high school s…
What is Life in North Korea Like? [VIDEO]
North Korea continues to saber-rattle.  And the so-called Hermit Kingdom has moved to the forefront of America's collective foreign-policy thoughts.  So what exactly is life like in the country?

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