Remember Imelda Marcos and her massive collection of shoes?  Celine Dion can relate.  Celine Dion admits to owning three thousand pairs of shoes, give or take a few.In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Dion admitted she's not exactly sure how many shoes she has because she's not good with math, so she's stopped counting.  Apparently her love of shoes doesn't stop her from squeezing into shoes that aren't her true size either.

I go to the store and I'm like, 'I really like those ones,' and they're like, ' What size? And I'm like,' Oh no, you don't understand.  I want them, so what size do you have?  I'll make it work, baby.  I'll make it work.  From 5 to 10 it works.

Dion's passion for shoes is shared by her two and a half year old son Nelson, who she says can walk better in heels than her and loves shoes too.  In addition to her shoe shopping,  Dion continues her Las Vegas run at Caesars Palace and has been recording songs for her upcoming album, "Water and A Flame."  The album,  her 25th studio album, will be released in October.


Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images