Cher has some advice for rich Americans, like herself:  Give back your Social Security payments.  Will she walk the walk as well as talk the talk?  Cher says she will.

In a series of recent tweets, Cher voiced her opinion on Social Security, saying rich people should give it back  to those Americans who really need it.  She went  on to say that she was once a poor girl but America made her a rich girl and she doesn't need her Social Security payments.   So, she plans to give them back  but isn't sure how just yet.  She also thinks other rich people would be happy to give back their Social Security money too if it would benefit those who really need it.   Cher will celebrate her 66th birthday next May, which is when she'll be eligible for pension payments from the government.  Since turning 62, Cher has been allowed to claim reduced pension payments.  Do you think she's serious about not taking the money?  Would you give it back if you didn't need it?