If you're a fan of 'The Voice' on NBC, you've surely seen Christina Aguilera and her clothing choice each week, or lack there of.  I'm not a prude, but come on girl, put some clothes on!  Every week her tops have little to nothing to them.  Does she not understand this is a family friend show with kids watching.

Oh I'm sure the guys are into her clothing choice, because well, they're guys.  But come on!  There's a difference between classy and trashy.  Showing a little cleavage is attractive, but barely covering herself is not only inappropriate for television but makes her look cheap. I found myself watching to see if she was going to pull a Janet Jackson and have a wardrobe malfunction when she sang her duet with Chris Mann.  At one point in the song, it even looks like he was staring in amazement.

-Jordan Baker

It wasn't just last nights show Christina was falling out of her clothes. Check out several pictures of her clothing choice throughout the season.  I'm sure her mom would be so proud.

Christina Aguilera attire on 'The Voice'