Earlier this year we brought you the story of a litter of puppies that were rescued after suffering from a severe tick infection.  Today, it is an equally disturbing story of a cat that was found buried alive in a concrete pole.

The incident happened in Colorado City, Arizona, a city along with neighboring Hilldale, Utah that is home to a polygamous Mormon religious sect.

The concrete post where was cat was found were part of a construction project to build a pen for horses.  The land belonged to a former sect member and the speculation is the cat was placed in the drying cement as retaliation for having left the religious group.

The pipe was cut and the concrete chipped away.  The cat was freed and taken to the nearby Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah where he was given the name Thomas.  Sadly the efforts of the vets at Best Friends couldn't save Thomas, the injuries where too severe.

The video below is very disturbing and I was not able to view the whole thing.