Enter to win an office lunch for up to 10 people courtesy of the Baggs Square Cafe.

Winner must arrange date with Café at least 1 week prior to. If office location is in the Utica area, arrangements may be made to have the lunch delivered by the Café.

This contest has expired.

The building that now houses the Bagg’s Square Cafe at 421 Broad Street owes its very existence to this emerging economy of the early 1900’s.  The property, on the northwest corner of Broad and Second Streets, was once the home of Moses Bagg, Jr., the son of one of the City’s original founders and first entrepreneurs.  By 1920, the number of mills in the City had dropped from a high of 19 to roughly 6.  As a result, in 1929, Byington Mill was sold to J. Edward Clark who then sold the building to J.A. Firsching Company for the manufacture of textile machinery in 1936; that business was purchased by William Bashant in 1986 which continued until 1991.  Due to their historical and architectural significance, both the Byington Mill and the attached office building were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.

The building’s owners, Michael Pezzolanella and his son Francis, built the Cafe which opened in January 2011.  The pair has since moved on to purchase and renovate the former HSBC building into a premier mixed-use property and together own and operate Ocean Blue.  The Cafe’s current owners, Melinda and Brian Thomas, purchased the Cafe in January 2015 and operate it today as a family business with their children, Benjamin and Aubrianna.  Brian also currently serves as the Commissioner of Urban & Economic Development for the City of Utica.