When people beat the odds, it's something to be proud of.  A listener shared her story with Delilah about beating the odds in her life and in her marriage.


Margaret shared the story of her marriage with Delilah and was rewarded with a song.  Here's part of Margaret's story:

When I met my husband he was having 3-5 Grand Mal Seizures a day. My mom would say that I fell down and remembered, and he fell down and forgot. We were half a person each, but together made 1 person. I found someone who would wait for me to catch up since I am so slow but worth waiting for. He found someone who stayed around until he woke up and told him what he missed out on. He has had a seizure disorder since age 3 ½ and has been seizure-free for 3 years.

My brother once said “They are so in love it is sickening.” I have married my best friend and he his. Margaret

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